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ICD Dhannad is the first private port of Central India. It is a budding port and has got rave response from the beginning. It is the first road based ICD of the territory. It provides the fastest roads linkage between Indore and Mumbai: in just 36 hours. This is achieved through a network of dedicated fleet of new brand vehicles with in-built GPS system and 24 hours availability. 



Our journey is much like others. We started as Fairdeal International, a CHA company in 1994, with 2 employees out of a 350 sq. ft. office. Today, Fairdeal International has spread its wings and has a strength of over 80 employees. We are now a leading brand in the field of CHA/Freight forwarding and pre/post shipment activities. 


Somewhere along the way, we realised that business growth is all about expansion and diversification. “Dreams don't work until you do”, a motto that pumped us to set-up ICD Dhannad, Central India’s first private port. It was a big step but nonetheless, it was worth it. 

Today, we stand stronger than ever with a team of more than 200 employees, who are dedicated and committed to the betterment of our clients, our company and the community. We have a dedicated fleet of 105 trailers along with several equipments. We have grown into thousands of acres with facilities such as warehouses, cool-chain facility, repair and maintenance units, etc. The latest addition to our services includes renting out warehouse space, containers, equipments and services. We have not let technology challenge us. Instead, we have embraced it in a way that makes our working easier and faster. We have adopted this automation with the use of EDI, Visual Impex software, Icegate, and so on. 

We are currently handling the business for giants such as PNG, Grasim Industries, Volvo, and so on. We have expanded to railways and we don’t plan on stopping there. With our operations in Indore, Ratlam, Mumbai, Mandideep, Hazira and Nagpur, we have bigger goals to achieve. 

Discussing the Numbers

The Fairdeal group has a team of about 150 employees along with 130 drivers. We believe in loyalty and reliability. Our team consists of members who have been apart of our family for over a decade. There are 90 employees dedicated to ICD Dhannad who work collaboratively to achieve the desired goals. 


    Our company has a vertical chain of command, a hierarchy, with top, middle and operational level of management. From our directors to the drivers, all our employees work relentlessly to provide the best customer services.




"We are proud to have started Madhya Pradesh's first private ICD. We are well aware that this has been a historical step and expectations were always high. 


And we have always been well prepared; prepared to change the way business has hitherto been done, prepared to go that extra mile, prepared to make it a success not just for us but for the whole import-export fraternity as well. Our approach is completely customer-centric. In fact, the plan and strategy behind our adopting new ways and means have been made after studying existing drawbacks and difficulties for the customer in the system. Our experience in this trade has been of immense benefit and has helped us design our systems better. We believe our ICD will not only benefit our customers but also go a long way in reaping benefits to all concerned. With the setting up of ICD Indore, the region as a whole has benefitted in terms of economic development, increased employment opportunities and all round prosperity. This venture has served to put a stop to the vast opportunities being lost to other ports, thus retaining trade. 

We take this opportunity to extend our best services and our best wishes along with a promise that together we shall deliver."

- Ajay Agrawal

  (Founder and Managing Director)

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